RockToArt are primed and ready to go, looking forward to sharing the love throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.  Having already played at arenas and stadia as large as the O2, and smaller community events in Bradford and Doncaster, we are already taking bookings for the rest of the year and into 2014.  There are many other reggae and drum and bass outfits performing throughout the UK and worldwide, but accept no imitation to RockToArt.  No-one can quite match the subtle lyrics, the soulful verve, and the incredible passion and versatility of RockToArt.  
RockToArt are guaranteed to spice up your event.  With original tunes and sets especially suited for both private and public events, you can be sure of an entertaining spectacle of lyrics and irie vibes at each and every performance.  Putting on a music event is all about creating the right mood - whether a large public outdoor festival, an indoor club night, or a private wedding reception or corporate social gathering.  RockToArt love to perform, and are notorious at adding authentic Caribbean pizazz to the proceedings for any conceivable occasion. 
If you do wish to book RockToArt for a live performance, please check the Gigs and Festivals page to ensure your date is free.  Then get in contact with the events team at the following email addresses, specifying the occasion, the duration you would like the band for, and the location of the event.  We will then get in contact to arrange a booking. 
For bookings, please email:-